Specific Goals are Essential for Achieving Progress

     This is a list of issues that the volunteer committee hopes to address. When you join the team these are what your efforts will be directed to in order to make a change.

  1. Beautification
    1. Public trash can installation to reduce the amount of litter in the town.
      1. There is a lot of litter and it greatly affects how Robbins is perceived. This project seeks to address litter by initiating a campaign to spread awareness and establishing a system to reduce and collect trash.
    2. Sidewalk clearance under bridge on 135th Street
      1. Under the viaduct of 294 over 135th Street, there is a collection of trash and gravel. This project sees that the viaduct gets cleared so that it is safer for our residents and visitors.
    3. 135th Street Landscaping Project
      1. This is one of our more ambitious projects. Here we will manage overgrowth along 135th street in participation with its included blocks. This will be a large cohesive effort to increase the appeal of our residential space.
  2. Municipal Assistance
    1. Police Department Municipal Building Maintenance
      1. The Police departments building is currently in need of assistance due to water damage. This project works with the department to identify specific issues or needs and to use the collective power of volunteers to address these problems.
    2. Fire Department Building Maintenance
      1. There are several issues in the fire department that need attention but village resources are limited. This group will work with the fire department to produce and execute an action plan that addresses these issues.