Have you taken a look at the map of Robbins?

     We know the familiar shape of Illinois but when was the last time you've taken a look at the map for the village of Robbin's? You may come to be surprised where Robbin's boundaries actually lie and it may be a difficult truth to acknowledge, but acknowledge it we must. Please take a look at the map below.

     As you analyze the map you will come to learn that most of the commercial land on Pulaski actually belongs to Crestwood. Let's run through a list of the business and institutions and, in accordance with this map, list which city these establishments belong to.

Armory Crestwood
District 218 Summit  Crestwood
ADH Auto Repair Sales Crestwood
JK Towing Crestwood
Maxwells Crestwood
Citgo - Pulaski Crestwood
Delia M Turner Elementary School Crestwood
Buchanan's Robbins
Kwik Car Robbins
GoLo Robbins
CB Auto Body Center Robbins

     If you were as oblivious as I was, then this list was very surprising. Decades prior, this land was annexed to Crestwood. For those who aren't familiar with the term, municipal annexation is the process by which a municipality, in this case - Crestwood, extends its boundaries into adjacent areas. Though the area that's usually annexed is often non-incorporated, an incorporated municipality like Robbins can elect to sell their land to another municipality.

     At the time, this decision may have seemed like a good idea for the then leaders, but this decision has severely crippled Robbin's potential for commercial property tax revenue. Robbin's is in a very challenging position where it gets the majority of its tax revenue from residential property. Unfortunately, there are many lots, many abandoned properties, and many issues that curb development resulting in the village being underfunded. As expenses mount and crucial infrastructure falls into disrepair, the citizens of Robbins must do everything they can to support Robbin's businesses and prevent any more annexation of land which can be developed by future businesses.

     You can visit our business listing to support local businesses that will generate tax revenue for Robbins and attend Robbin's monthly council meetings to stay informed. If any questions for annexation arise, you will be able to express your opinions to the Robbins Board on any disagreement.